General terms of business (Terms and Conditions)
the Perfect in Vision GmbH
State 1st of July, 2011

§1 Contracting partner

The following AGB's (general terms of business) regulate the conditions of the contract of the business partner Perfect in Vision GmbH (below Perfect in Vision called) and the contracting partner (below customer called). Divergences of this contract must be recognised by the Perfect in Vision in writing.

§2 Service

The Perfect in Vision acts in the area of the Internet marketing as an operator of different main entrances of information. No place mediation or no Headhunting is pursued. The service for the customer limits itself to the technical conversion of the announcement to be presented on the Internet. Possible main entrances are to be found under the name on the Internet.

§3 Announcement contract

1. Completion of the contract

The announcement contract comes about, as soon as the Perfect in Vision have received the announcement order in writing or by email. We reserve ourselves to check announcement missions for her contents and not to publish this if they are disowned against legal or official bans or are unreasonable for other reasons.

2. Contents

For the contents, the correctness and juridical admissibility to the circuit of the announcements of provided text documents and picture documents, the principal (customer) bears alone the responsibility.

The customer is to be released obliged the Perfect in Vision from claims of third who arise in any manner from the implementation of the announcement order against the Perfect in Vision. The announcements published on our sides may not be otherwise published. From us by order of the customer provided pictures, graphic arts or advertising slogans remain in the property of the Perfect in Vision and may not be otherwise used without our approval.

3. Beginning of the announcement publication

The beginning can be agreed by the customer timewise or occurs at the latest 48 hours after completion of the contract or entrance of the announcement. We reserve ourselves to extend this period if delays are given as a result of the contents of the announcement by the customer or an incomplete or faulty delivery of the picture or text material or logo.

The accounting period begins with the publication of the announcement on the Internet on our side.

4. Payment, Calculation, Bill

The principal (customer) pays for announcement circuit the reimbursement which is evident on the price-list for the respective object, unless, something else has been agreed on the announcement order in writing.

The calculation is put with the announcement order and is handed over to the principal (customer) and accepted against calculation position the payment( cash ).

The customer can raise within 7 days on receipt of the calculation written objections against the calculation, he omits from this, the order is valid as confirmed.

5. Liability of the Perfect in Vision GmbH

The Perfect in Vision does not stick by effect of higher power (natural phenomena), warlike events, strike, unforeseen official restrictions, not server and Internet problems in debt etc. if this leads to the disregard of the announcement contract.

No liability takes over the Perfect in Vision with abuse of the Internet site by attacks on the systems by third (e.g., hacker) or with temporal failures and disturbances which do not lie in our sphere of influence.

The uninterrupted usability of the Internet site cannot guarantee the Perfect in Vision and assumes no liability for temporal failures with the Internet provider, it is extended merely the appropriate term.

The Perfect in Vision cannot arise for mistake which does not come about by the use of suitable representation software or hardware (e.g., browser).

The Perfect in Vision sticks with defective reproduction of the announcement if thereby the purpose of the announcement was strongly affected. Then the customer has the right on a new announcement or can cancel the announcement order.

6. Liability customer

The customer bears the sole responsibility for the contents of his announcement. The customer is responsible, for the data provided by him, it pays attention to it that, these are law-compliant and injure no right third (e.g., old harsh rights).

User name and passwords have to go confidentially and may not be treated be transmitted. Every abuse is liable for damages.

Personal data are to be treated strictly confidentially and may not be transmitted into three parts. With offence, can close the Perfect in Vision immediately to the customer the access, without this claim to compensation has.

§4 Data protection

The Perfect in Vision insured to protect your personal data with the usual technical possibilities. The data are used only for the purposes of the service of the Perfect in Vision.

The data protection act of the Federal Republic of Germany forms for this the legal basis.

§5 Copyright

All rights for achievements, design, layout, software, technologies, origins and productions of programmes which originate from the announcement contract are and remain also, after ending of the contract by the customer, exclusively, timewise and concerning the contents with the Perfect in Vision.

Using of picture, without explicit permission by the Perfect in Vision Ltd becomes cautioned with 500, - per picture.

§6 Terms and Conditions change

The Perfect in Vision reserves itself to change the AGB's (general terms of business) and on the Internet sites
to present. The change is indicated terminlich and the conditions are still valid for all running contracts before the change.

§7 Linked sides

With judgment from the 12th of May, 1998 the district court of Hamburg has decided that one has to answer for the contents of the linked side if necessary with by the result of a link. This can be prevented - according to the district court - only by the fact that one expressly dissociates himself from these contents. We stress here expressly that we have no influence on the creation and the contents of the linked sides. Herewith, therefore, we expressly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked sides on our webside. This explanation is valid for all links proposed on our webside and for all contents of the sides to which the links lead.

§8. Advertising agencies

The advertising mediators and advertising agencies are obliged, to itself in her offers to hold label Media to contracts and accounts with the advertisement-propelling to the price-list of the Red. From the Perfect in Vision granted mediator-
reimbursement may be transmitted to the principals neither completely nor partially.

§9. Severability clause

Should single parts of the preceding conditions be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining parts of it remains untouched. To the replace of the ineffective regulations a spare regulation which comes close to the purpose aimed with the ineffective regulation possibly steps.

§10. Place of fulfilment and legal venue

In the business dealings with businessmen, legal entities of the public right or with public law special property the legal venue is with complaints London. If the residence or usual stay of the principal is unknown, also with non-businessmen, at the time of the complaint elevation or the principal has moved his residence or usual stay from the area of application of the law after contract end, London is agreed as a court state.
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